What to expect

The first thing I like to do is to give prospective clients a free telephone consultation. We can then  talk through your situation and identify what you want to achieve. I can then give you an estimate of how many sessions it will take to effect the changes you want.

Also, because this kind of work is obviously very personal, the initial telephone consultation gives you an idea of what I am like, and whether you will feel comfortable working with me.

If you then decide to work with me we can make an appointment.

I usually work from my home in East Oxford where I have an office at the end of my garden. It’s not the most beautiful therapy room you could imagine – in fact it seems to accumulate a lot of random stuff and is sometimes a little untidy – but it is reasonably warm and quiet and has comfortable chairs. When you arrive I’ll offer you a cup of tea and we can discuss your situation in a relaxed environment. I can also visit clients at home if they live within easy bus or cycling distance. If further afield I may have to make additional charges to visit you at home. I’ve recently experimented with doing NLP over Skype and it worked out surprisingly well, so can also work with you via that medium.

So what does an NLP session with me consist of?

In practice, NLP is a “talking cure”. I use very specific questions to build a detailed model of how you perform your problem behaviour and to figure out precisely the changes you want to make. NLP affords a wealth of different approaches and techniques to address individual problems. Sometimes I use formal hypnosis, sometimes not. Sometimes I use formalised visualisation techniques, sometimes a more conversational approach is appropriate. I understand and respect the fact that many clients need time to tell me their stories, however when appropriate I like to work quickly. There are many different approaches to test out and I don’t like to waste my clients’ time. I aim to get people out of the problem mentality and into a state in which change becomes possible, as quickly as possible. I often use humour when appropriate, to break up the seriousness that keeps people stuck.

Each ‘cure’ is individually tailored to the clients’ needs; it’s not just about finding the correct technique, often techniques need to be adapted to the individual. For more information about NLP, click here. NLP can effect change very rapidly and for simple issues I often need to see clients only once or twice. For more complex issues it can take up to 10 sessions or more.

After the initial free telephone conversation I charge £75 for the first appointment and £50 for subsequent appointments. I understand that for many this is a considerable investment and so I am prepared to negotiate lower fees, or an exchange of services, in a limited number of cases.

I’ve worked very successfully with a wide range of people, from the absolutely desperate to otherwise highly successful people who simply need a little help to make particular changes. If you’re prepared to come at this with an open mind you will be astonished at what is possible.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions