Insomnia can vary enormously in its intensity and its effects. It could be a minor irritation or a life-wrecking affliction. It may be a temporary problem caused by stress or the product of serious emotional difficulties. Either way it is amenable to treatment and the benefits of sorting it out are enormous.

The first insomniac client I worked with had not had a proper night’s sleep in over four years and frankly he was a complete mess. He’d tried “everything” to sort the problem out, even spent many months meditating in Buddhist monasteries in Asia. However nothing had worked and his life was coming apart. It took several sessions to sort the problem out and get him living again, and the results were impressive. Suddenly he had a life again. He could hold down a job, have meaningful relationships, go to parties. For him it was a new lease of life, and an opportunity that he exploited to the maximum. Following up the work months later, I found that my client had transformed into a fun-loving and energetic young man with a very full and rich life.

I have successfully helped many people at either extreme to resolve their difficulties, and enjoy the benefits of healthy restful sleep. If you have suffered from even minor insomnia then the benefits of sleeping well can be truly life-changing. You’ll have more energy and feel much better about almost everything in your life.