The original NLP ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ was developed in the 1970s and has helped millions of people to painlessly eliminate phobias, often in a matter of minutes. The method has been scientifically tested and shown to work, and has been demonstrated on television and radio numerous times by NLPers, such as Paul Mckenna.

In spite of this many people with phobias still don’t believe that their phobic response (of spiders, heights, etc) can be eliminated rapidly and without having to be exposed to the object of the phobia. If you suffer with a phobia you probably can’t even imagine being relaxed and comfortable in the presence of the thing you feared. Nevertheless, I have worked successfully with many many phobics and helped them to totally eliminate their phobic responses, leaving them calm and relaxed in the presence of the previously phobic stimulus.

If you have a phobia you’re probably wondering how it can possibly work so well.

The ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ was not developed by looking at phobics. It was the result of studying ex-phobics – people who had had phobias and had got over them – and finding out how they did it. These methods were then refined and improved. The NLP community has devised many different strategies for curing phobias now. These techniques are not of the ‘grin and bear it’ type. They’re very effective and a whole lot quicker than anything else available, and they are not frightening – quite the reverse. Experience demonstrates that the NLP phobia cure can remove the phobic response absolutely and the results are usually permanent. I can assure you that the methods I use are highly effective and have a proven track record. They comprise very particular imaginative techniques to recondition your responses to a given stimulus. They do not involve scaring you in any way or exposing you to the phobic stimulus.

This is not just about helping you to cope with fear, its about getting rid of the fear entirely. If this sounds too good to be true, and you have a phobia that you want to get rid of, click here and get in touch and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.