Overcome depression

Depression is one of the most awful and debilitating psychological problems and sadly all too common in our culture. If you’ve suffered with depression you’ll know what an overwhelming experience it can be.

What I have found working with depressed clients is that typically they are trapped by a series of self-defeating beliefs about themselves and what they are capable of. Their self-image is often utterly hopeless. To make matters worse they often believe that they are suffering a “chemical imbalance” which can only be changed with drug treatments.

Fortunately beliefs can and do change, states of mind and body are in constant flux, and the relationship between mind and brain chemistry is a two-way street. The recent revelations that Prozac (which has helped many people to overcome depression) has only a placebo effect, demonstrate that the controlling factor in overcoming depression is psychological not chemical.

Everyone, even the most miserably depressed, has experienced other more pleasant states – curiosity, happiness, fun, etc – and are capable of doing so again. Start to realise that you are capable of far more than you have previously allowed yourself to think. Even if you cannot remember the last time you felt truly determined, you can make up your mind to do what it takes to climb out of the hole.

Recovering from depression and building a happy fulfilling life is one of the most astonishing and worthwhile changes that you can make. If you’re depressed it may be very hard to believe that you can succeed in this. Yet I can assure you that with determination and the right help you can make depression a thing of the past.
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