Exam Stress

Turn exam stress into exam success

Its a rare person indeed who enjoys exams. For most students, exams are instead an enormously stressful experience. As the exams draw nearer many find themselves prey to caffeine binges, sleep disturbance and nerves. With so much at stake it is the most natural thing for students to worry about upcoming examinations. Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself whether you’ll pass or obsessing over how well (or not) you think you know the relevant materials. What else can you do but worry?

I use the techniques of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming to help defuse the exam tension, get you studying more effectively, and prepare you to perform at your best. The key is to understand that worrying is not the product but the cause of stress. The truth is worrying can only work against you. Approaching your studies with apprehension is a method of self-sabotage. If you try to learn in a state of fear you are associating your studies with that emotion, programming yourself to experience fear during your exams, and no one performs at their best when afraid. It’s a vicious circle, from which you would do well to escape.

Have you ever wondered how some people can breeze through exams apparently unconcerned and get excellent results without having to sleep in the library? Effective students trust themselves to learn, retain and understand information. They are driven by a pleasurable curiosity about their subject and supported by their own confidence in their ability to pass exams. They know that they know and understand the material.

If you’re frightened by impending exams you might think that the successful students are fundamentally different from you in some way, gifted with talents that you simply don’t have. However, confidence and clear thinking are not gifts, they are behaviours of which we are all capable.

Everyone knows what it is to feel confident and calm in some context or other. Everyone has something they know they are good at, no matter how apparently insignificant.

Neither is a good memory or clear understanding a gift that one is born with or not. They are behaviours that we can all learn. Behaviours that can be learnt and practised. It has long since been established that the brain retains all the information that it is exposed to. Everything that has been forgotten can be remembered. One simply has to learn the skills of clear recall and understanding and there are many hypnotic techniques we can use to teach those skills.

If you are feeling nervous, fearful or stressed out about upcoming exams feel free to click here and drop me a line. I am very happy to discuss how I can help without any obligation to book an appointment.