How I can help

Below you can find details of the kinds of work I do with private clients.

NLP and hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) can help to change or enhance almost any part of human experience. It can be used therapeutically to help overcome emotional or other problems. It can also be used to stimulate creativity and produce “generative change” – enhancing performance and enjoyment in areas in which you may already be competent. For instance you may already excel at a sport, but NLP can help to improve your performance further.

The list below links to some short articles to give you an idea of how I usually approach particular issues. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the applications of NLP, nor are my approaches necessarily fixed; NLP is a huge and evolving field and I am always learning new techniques and approaches to problems. And, of course some problems will not really fit into the categories given below. However I hope that it will give you some idea of how I might be able to help you.

Phobia Cure

Exam nerves and help with studying

Weight Loss




Trauma and grief

Beating insomnia: sleep soundly

Stress relief