About Turning Point NLP:

My mission is to help you live a fuller, happier life through NLP, hypnosis and related disciplines. I work from my home in East Oxford.

I give consultations on issues of personal change and growth, helping you to overcome problems of all sorts and get more out of life. In one-to-one sessions I can provide effective help with a wide range of therapeutic problems, from anxiety to weight loss, I can also help you to improve your performance in areas in which you may already excel..

I bring humour, compassion and sensitivity to my work, however I don’t treat my clients with kid gloves or act like they are fragile little flowers. I consider that monstrously disrespectful and counter-productive. I aim to make my work fun, both for myself and my clients, and to create a bullshit-free atmosphere conducive to real change.

I also consult with businesses, NGOs and charities. I offer trainings and workshops on a variety of topics in order to help organisations to grow and prosper.

About Me:

Chris Grimshaw NLP Oxford

I am qualified to the Master Practitioner level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and licensed by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I am a graduate of Oxford University, where I studied Philosophy and Psychology. I have been practising hypnosis since the age of fifteen and first trained in NLP in 1998 with Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP), Michael Breen and Paul McKenna. I have retaken the practitioner and master practitioner courses several times. I have explored many forms of self-development from experimental psychology to yoga and have found NLP to be the most effective, flexible, logically rigorous and least dogmatic methodology available.

I live in East Oxford with my partner, dog and three-year-old daughter, and in my spare time, I love disappearing into a good piece of science fiction.

Chris Grimshaw